X-Media Projects

We strongly believe in the power of storytelling

A good story can not only entertain people but it can also inspire and enlighten people to think deeply about social, ethical, historical, and aesthetic issues. Studying how students think about and respond to stories helps us understand and promote their psychological and social development, and preventdisorders that occur under difficult social, sociological, and cultural conditions.

Charlie Chaplin

When stories have been presented across multiple media forms—from print to movie to VR and beyond—we compare their “cross-disciplinary” potential. Educational opportunities using cross-media base resources can offer both students and their educators an engaging, multidimensional learning experience.

Analyzing what readers or viewers say about the story, its values, its strength and weaknesses, its coherence and influence also informs researchers and teachers on students’ comprehension and interpretations of the story’s messages. This kind of analysis can aid in the design of educational curricula and instruction to be used alongside the story. From an educational practice point of view, stories can have a huge impact on the development of knowledge and skills, especially if they are interwoven carefully into pedagogical designs. A strong conceptual framework and strong research evidence can be dual guides to the design of an efficient and effective pedagogical framework.