Research News

Harvard Ed. magazine (Fall 2019) article looks at how print and flm both offer educational value: Tales Told Twice Through Close Cross-Media Comparisons

Mulitple ongoing research initiatives: The Promotion of Social Awareness across Cultures 

Promoting social developmentA Conversation with HGSE's Bob Selman

Field Study launches in Chile: Harvard -Universidad Adolfo Ibanez  Cross-Media Collaboration

The Performance of Open-Mindedness Observed in Youth Operating Under Cultural and Developmental Constraints, presented at the Open-Mindedness & Perspective Conference

A cross-media literacy booster and launch pad for conversations, featured in Usable Knowledge:  Black Panther in the Classroom 

Research into teens’ experiences with technology and social media,  featured  in The Conversation: Is cyberbullying all that goes over the line when-kids are online?

How teens help each other navigate online stress,  featured  in Usable Knowledge: Digital Drama

Helping young people manage their digital behavior, featured in Usable Knowledge: Digital Risks

Research highlights, featured in Harvard Ed. Magazine:  Movies, Books and "The Giver

"Without self-understanding and social awareness, moral action will always be at the whim of external forces." excerpt from article in EdWeekTeaching Social Awareness Through Reading

School Climate, featured in the Harvard Educational Review: How Students’ Perceptions of the School Climate Influence Their Choice to Upstand, Bystand, or Join Perpetrators of Bullying )

Making the Case for X-Media in Classrooms (see pdf that follows) 


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